The best place in town


Private events - sponsored evenings

We have a very full range of ideas for private events and sponsored evenings. Your private event might be a wedding party, batchelor or hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, employee appreciation, simply anything you need a space for we can cater for it. A certain State senator took over the whole building for a special event - we don't do that often as it inconveniences our regular visitors. For sponsored evenings please call or email us in the first instance if you have an idea for an event. We also have a sponsorship pack that we can send you if you'd like to share in the exposure we are getting with people in the area, it's a less expensive option for getting good exposure without having to underwrite the whole evening. Rates start from reasonable, there is no upper limit, Contact us here

The Loft is the place for events
Since opening the brewery it has always been our goal to turn the Loft into an amazing space for all manner of events. It's been a gradual transition from oversized playroom to, what we consider to be, one of the best event spaces in Montana. Come and see for yourself. It's a comedy club, a meeting room, a music venue capable of gigs for 200+ people. It has a full bar, a stage and can become just about anything you want it to be. We've done corporate events, birthday parties, wedding receptions, comedy nights, DJ evenings, we've had singer guitarists and full bands. Private or public the Loft really is the place.

Lone Peak Brewery

Music - DJ evenings, live bands and singer guitarists we have them all and they are great nights to suit all tastes. Fort Knox Five, seen in this video, have been one of our most popular artists recently. Music is the fastest growing area for us and there will be more and more events coming so we can't emphasize enough how important it is to be connected to us. You can sign up for our newsletter right here.

Comedy nights - We bring comedians from all over the USA to entertain you, like Ryan Wingfield in this video who joined us recently. Mostly the evenings are of a PG13 nature but we occasionally have a 'stronger' comedian. We tell you in advance in case you don't like that sort of thing. Appetisers and drinks are served to your table before, during and after the event. In typical Montana style it's not a late night unless you want it to be. To be the first to hear about our next night sign up to our newsletter here.