Lone Peak Brewery

The best place in town


Total class with this 16oz stainless steel thermal LPB mug - a paltry $15 - cheap at twice the price 

The pinnacle of thermal growler-dom. Rugged yet light. Does it's job all day long hot or cold. Accept no substitutes, this is the real deal - $50

No lesser beast - Glass growlers - fill 'em and fill 'em and fill 'em. 64 oz container of pure joy for only $6 - don't forget to wash them before refilling, we'll do it for you, but you'll feel guilty and have to tip heavily, er, actually don't wash them.

LPB Ts for men and women in all sizes - beard's optional - $22

LPB stickers $1. Kids that clean their plates might get one for free from their server.

Gift card options

Gift cards for a birthday, thank you or treat yourself $25, $50 or $100 available

‚ÄčTake home a piece of Big Sky from Lone Peak Brewery

- available at the bar or shipped at cost (email for details)

Growler cups that hook to your growler or anything else - rumors of these being used as earrings abound - a must for the outdoorsperson at $10

The classic pint glass with the LPB logo - a steal at $5

The extremely sexy black 19oz thermal LPB mug - only $15

LPB Coozies in all the best colors $1