Lone Peak Brewery

The best place in town

The classic pint glass with the LPB logo - a steal at $5

The extremely sexy black 19oz thermal LPB mug - only $15

LPB Coozies in all the best colors $1

The pinnacle of thermal growler-dom. Rugged yet light. Does it's job all day long hot or cold. Accept no substitutes, this is the real deal - $50

LPB stickers $1. Kids that clean their plates might get one for free from their server.

Total class with this 16oz stainless steel thermal LPB mug - a paltry $15 - cheap at twice the price 

Gift cards for a birthday, thank you or treat yourself $25, $50 or $100 available

No lesser beast - Glass growlers - fill 'em and fill 'em and fill 'em. 64 oz container of pure joy for only $6 - don't forget to wash them before refilling, we'll do it for you, but you'll feel guilty and have to tip heavily, er, actually don't wash them.


‚ÄčTake home a piece of Big Sky from Lone Peak Brewery

- available at the location only

LPB Ts for men and women in all sizes - beard's optional - $22