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Sunday           11:30am - 5pm

Monday          11:30am - 5pm

Tuesday          CLOSED

Wednesday    CLOSED

Thursday        11:30am - 5pm

Friday              11:30am - 5pm

Saturday         11:30am - 5pm


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Kids Menu

​10 yrs and under

Kid Burger w fries    9.00
-Add cheese              1.00
-Add bacon                2.00

Fish N Chips              11.00

Chicken Strips           9.00

           with fries

Grilled Cheese           8.00           

           with fries

6 Plain Wings            8.00
-Toss in Sauce          1.00

-Add fries for 5 bucks

Cheese Quesadilla   7.00

-Add chicken              2.00

-Add bison                  3.00

-Add fries for 5 bucks. 

Bison Steak               14.00

                w fries 

We ask kindly that

all kids stay seated

and at your table.

We need to disinfect everything a guest could touch in

between guests.


We are doing our best to keep everyone safe.